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Increased hygiene measures

Rooms: After the check out, the staff opens the window to ventilate the room, and delivers to the reception the A/C and TV remote controls. After carefully disinfecting, we place them in a closed disposable bag, so that they are ready and safe for the next visitor.

The room will remain empty for more than 24 hours, safe time according to the instructions of National Public Health Organization (NPHO), with adequate ventilation. Then, the cleaning staff, using all the necessary protection measures (mask, gloves, robe), proceeds to meticulous cleaning of the room and bathroom, disinfection of surfaces and all dangerous points with which the customer often comes in contact (switches, telephone, fountain etc).

Common areas: For the safety of all of us, we apply very frequent (every 30 minutes) disinfection of high-risk areas, such as reception, elevator, knobs, switches, faucets, and all places where the visitor often comes in contact.

The keys are cleaned in disinfectant liquid, EVERY time they come to the reception, but also at the end of each stay.

The clothing is sent to a certified partner for washing, in compliance with all hygiene rules, and returns clean with all necessary protection measures.

The air conditioning of our hotel is done by separate units for each room and common area, and not by a central system, which is harmful. The filters of each unit are cleaned and disinfected after each guest departure. At the same time, in the common areas, frequent ventilation is applied, according to the instructions of NPHO.

Our staff complies with all the provided instructions of NPHO regarding the clothing, the protection measures, but also the corresponding proper behavior (e.g. social distancing).

Dear Guests, our hotel has taken all the necessary measures to make sure we are all safe!

We remind you that it is forbidden for non-residents to enter the rooms!

Please use antiseptic, keep your distance and hygiene measures, and let us know if you have any suspicious symptoms (dial 100 to contact reception).

We remain responsible, healthy and optimistic!